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The Video Reformation

Sep 30, 2019

The post-production phase includes anything from when you call "wrap" on set to the final delivery of your video assets.

Ben and Justin walk through a typical post-production process and peel back the curtain a bit on post-production from a video agency standpoint. They also discuss how to be a good client...

Sep 16, 2019

There are different types of video concepts for different stages of the funnel, and the type of video you're creating is going to influence your production.

Ben and Justin engage in a lively discussion of the common types of video concepts that you can produce for each part of the funnel, including content for...

Sep 2, 2019

The pre-production phase of video is where you have the opportunity to make your production as efficient as possible. The pre-production phase is where you transform your strategy and creative into a treatment and a script; assemble your cast and crew; allocate your budget; and, most importantly, order...